Recent Projects

We will be updating this page regularly with some exiting news and various recent projects.

Check back soon.

Drummer Pic, sat in silk box and lit externally with HMI and strobe lighting

Maytree Media

Quest Services link up with Maytree Media on several assignments. Quest Services has been chosen as prefered lighting supplier for all future projects undertaken by Maytree Media. The scope of our agreement covers equipment, design and crewing. This is a very exciting tie up and Quest Services looks forward to working closely with Maytree Media to achieve their brief.

ROTW panoramic shot of ROTW2008, thanks to Apex Images


We are at present developing our links page. We are planning to have links to many usefull resources. In addiiton to the usual links, Quest intends to have as many manufacturer links as possible to help when trying to find technical data and manuals.

BBC Sport, Golf studio constructed within 40ft expanding trailer


We are at present gathering all of our photos to display on our gallery page. Hopefully this page will be online soon and you will be able to see some examples of our work. If you have any pics you would like included please send them in.